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Artist:Young Neil
Taken from the album Lucky 13 by Young Neil
Album:Lucky 13
Track:Depression Blues
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Got a woman that loves me [compare "Life In The City"]
And I love her so
[compare "Life In The City"]
But she's all dressed up now [compare
"Life In The City"]
With nowhere to go [compare "Life In The City"]

All our old hang-outs [compare "Life In The City"]
Are boarded up and
closed [compare "Life In The City"]
Or bein' bought by somebody
[compare "Life In The City"]
Nobody knows [compare "Life In The

But things ain't that bad
We still got the kids
We're goin' out to the
Right after this

Goin' back to school
Savin' up my tuition
rewrite all the rules
On the old blackboard

'Cause it seems things today
ain't no magic in 'em
They don't cut the grade
Like they used to


Depression blues
Nowhere to go
Bein' bought by somebody
Nobody knows

there anybody out there
With a voice loud and clear [compare "Crime In The
Gonna sing all the words
That we all wanna hear

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