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Artist:Young Neil
Taken from the album Long May You Run by Young Neil
Album:Long May You Run
Track:12, 8 Blues (All The Same)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Can you see me...cryin'?
Can you hear me...dyin'?
I wanna talk to you
Listen too

Do you know me like I know you?
Do you know me like I love you?
It's all the same

We'll be old friends...tryin'
'Till the road ends...flyin'
Listen to me sing to
I got the music
I need the space
I'd like to use it to get out of this place

'Cause it's all the same

I got the me
Don't seem sensible...tell
I wanna talk to you
Listen too
Too many times I've swallowed my words
Is it a
To want to be heard?
If it's all the same.
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