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Artist:Young Gunz
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Track:Life We Chose
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Intro: Young Chris]
Uh feel my pain, chea uh-huh
Uh, Young Gunnas, Chris and Neef
real shit
North of Death, home of Philly
Uh, chea uh

[Verse 1: Young
Lights is gettin' dimmer
Nights gettin' colder
Lost three of my soldiers
feel like it's over
Unloadin' there's somethin' in my way
They'll never take me alive
got somethin' on the way
I'ma survive I'ma try to do straight
Try to make it alive, be
around for that due date
But it's hard, niggaz hatin' em hard
That loss hurt to the
But still they say it's they fault, we blame y'all
Nigga how, nigga please
still on baby
Tell them niggaz had they still off safety
What about them other fake dudes
that he grew up wit
Elementary middle school up wit
Man them niggaz was there ain't move
I'm startin' to think they had somethin' to do wit it
I used to think them niggaz was
It's lookin' a little shaky now
Niggaz happy his little brother's laughin', his
mother hate me now

[Chorus: Denim]
Even though it hurts some days
This is the game
we chose to play
Not everything in life is gold but it will be okay
Now a bullet ain't got
no aim
And y'all know bullets ain't got no name
But this is the life we chose
And it
will never change

[Verse 2: Neef]
Everyday we reminisce about that three day
Same night that we left, got a call you hit
Thought you was still wit us, aimed at me
that he flipped
Got a call from my peaches found out where you was hit
Three hit himself who
missed him and you just a couple inches
You don't know how much you miss him, bullshittin' in
the kitchen-acap
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