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Artist:Young Gunz
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Track:Roc U
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Young Chris talking]
Where that pian sat at (uh)
Young Gannas (chea) What up
Niggas got till January to get they shit together;
You hear that niggas January
Chad West

[Verse One: Young Chris]
Yo; Ayo Momma workin hard Big brother on
the run lil sista cuttin up man shit just outta luck baby girl born brighten up my
life alot
block still poppin old lady still drawn hataz still plottin (plottin) tryna take my life away it'n
matter nigt or
day C reactin right away; bring it on when the temerature rise; my intention to
ride ain't no intent but he die; niggas
speed like us 40 clip on my hip shorty go get ya clique
ready to squeeze like what; Yeah its commin out of Chris' mouth;
I'll have you niggas-Bitchin'
gettin' stitches then get ditches pourin liqour out; thats what Chris about Tryna figure out
beat down on the outside or bleed in till you piss it out; Block all them chickens out; Fuck all
them niggas route;
Ciani here plus my momma need a bigger house

This just
the town we live in; North Phil my nigga, South Philly with mittens, look how chilly the rist is;
poppin wheelys
with bitches; Poppin wheelys at snitches
You got three ways to die; Fire Roof
or the River; you gone bleed if you try man they shootin suspicious; and got oozies
and shit
forty-fours and infus; Plans to get ya, leave a nigga they ain't remember, long as he ain't remember
then watch his
mouth for temper

[Verse Two: Beanie Siegel]

Bitch niggas actin'
tough but you know what thats about prayin that I hit em up; hopin niggas settle out, But why
with death; it ain't worth the check Get ya coffin nailed shut, placed in the dirt to
rest; Picture linen' up tears again
Momma in tears again, I guess death is the number one fear
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