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Artist:Young Gunz
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Track:North Of Death
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Young Chris...
Our father...
I'll ride for my niggas I'll die for my
Bodies get hard soul touch the sky
Numbers getting called
God shut my eyes
...why...yeah why
Uh, Uh.

[Verse 1]
Is they wit me or against me,
How these
pussy gon' convince me to start and don't follow up
And touch my momma kids follow us
My mom
proud of us and plus I love the green wit in god we trust.
My mom is tough she don't care about
them killing her
And I got beef wit them him him and her.
You Muthfukas betta
Everybody got burners the first that draw the opposite the next to die.
how it go that ain't just how I flow I still live it nigga that's how I know
In the hood
everyday why you dudes eatin' good everyday.
My momma working but the bills take our food
Got to mention her daughter though, since the ten step pops did ten since her water
That nigga got like a dub then did a dime came home left my moms and did another ten.

As I walk through the North of Death
They souls gone but they voices
They talk to me every chance they get
I got to make it for the chance they
Shit we all don't get a chance like this (shiiiiit)
It's hard living homie more than
C and Neef dog who you got us confused wit
True shit we bout to do it
Neffy don't
lose it
Follow the flow homie like you followed the blueprint.

[Verse 2]
I wake up
and ask the lord to forgive us
Till I die put my balls over bitches
But I can't put my balls
over business
Cause I'd hate to go fly when soon as I go to trial need my boy as a witness

Shit I'm just another poor with the riches
Trying to keep my momma cool g
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