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Artist:Young Gunz
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Young Chris Neff Talking]

Just need a lil time man, thats all I need.
Lost alot of
soliders ya know.
Rest In Peace.
Momma Duke struggling.
Baby on the way.

[Young Chris Verse]

I know I promised you the house on in the will, just need a
lil time for the house on the hill.
Got all the bills to keep this crib too, so when we in the
city thats the spot we can chill (chill).
Be on your own been working all your life,
Went to
school any other day working all your nights.
I know your tired of the bull shit ma.
about it now your boy Chris rhyme we good.
No more corner store grub eat good, damn right we
gone take avantage as we should.
As they said we shall over come.
In the hood most of young
die over gunz (its real).
I lost three in like three months striaght.
We see the pain to see
youngz face it aint a game.
And they think its all peaches
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