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Artist:Young Gunz
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Track:Take It How You Want It
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Whipser] Rocafella's the army kid.

[Verse 1]
Your digits aint rising fam
its like you're lactose and tolerant. We got fridges for
the taliban load attire man, betta keep
ya set up, million dolla man soon to be we next up, get
wet up I been fresh since a little one
bi*** I school the others travel from the little gun
force ones. See my rockets set?, speak my
name and I c*** it wet. How can I forget see the
game she the same I tried to get back in grats
HEY. Man them bi***es bought the gift and the
curse and heard the verse off the track HEY.
bi***es please same C wont gas ME. Your boy's
classy for those who don't know Chris. He like
Hypnotics mixed with Henney he's ferocious
toasters right beside and clip extending ya suppose
to open fire on any nigga that approach us
f***ing roaches most of my niggas from the pro-jects
40-o-ez f*** a Moette. Mo' money mo' sex
no more stress. And for the cut I take it out on my
ememies, taking out all my enemies, any
coward a friend to me, if he bring the pain, we bringing
flowers and memories and that's real
press my hand and see if my cards reveal. Had to see some
of the hardest squeal. Ya'll guard ya

[Chris (Neef)]
(Got a)
Whole lot of loving. (Got a) Whole lot of soul. (Round a) Whole lot of
thuggin' but baby that's
how I roll. (Round a) Whole lot of niggas. (Round a) Whole lot of
hoes. (Make a) Whole lot of
digits becuz I'm sick with the flows. (Mamis) leaving they niggas
(yeah). Leave wit a nigga
(yeah). They like oh that's that young nigga that Sigel be with
(yeah). I think he ready ohh
girl I gotta roll it up. They be like bi*** you can get it long as
you old

[Verse 2]
Block ? Yeah nigga. I can tell you why th
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