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Artist:Young Fresh
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Track:T.B.O. Freestyle
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Throw the hoodie on backwards
holes in my eyes
load up the clipse
bond to leave holes
in these guys
keep my tims lace ready to ride
like whos ready to die
cause yo this is
how i rob nigga blind
cut to the chase
fresh going straight for the bank
niggaz playin
stop tryin yo be what you aint
and alot of niggaz runnin their mouth
until i run
ya house
pistol whip them while thier moms on the couch
im the kid niggaz talkin
the 45th ready to pump
on any chump
ready to thump
try me if you think im a
and watch your head be found in the woods body found the trunk
its not a game no more
im takin shit serious
have ya ass bleedin like a bitch wit her period so ima pop mine
if any nigga try to stop mine
pop a nigga leave him on the corner like a stop sign
everybody on my team got a hammer man
so you know we stay shoting like a camera man
i could
kill you but i got better plans
bust at ya feet and make you do the hammer dance...MOTHERFUCKER
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