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Artist:You Am I
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Track:Television Addict
Date Added:18/10/2007
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You Am I - Television Addict

I read the news the other day about a boy
they threw away.
He went out and shot someone like some goddamn teleplay.
He claimed he
was confused between fact and fantasy.
Seems he spent all his time in front of a TV screen

(and was a)television addict.

His lawyers said this boy was sick blaming ratings
for his crime.
They said too much sex and too much violence on the idiot box blew up his idiot

(he was a) television addict.
Watch it.

(he was a) television

You and me we spend all our time in front of the window of the world.
just because I watch Diner, sure doesn't mean I need a face lift
doesn't mean my brain has
skipped. Doesn't mean anything.
There's more going on inside my mind than on any television

(he was a) television addict.

Just because I watch Prisoner, Cop Shop,
Fat Cat, Humphrey fucking B

(I'm a) television addict.
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