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Artist:You Am I
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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You Am I - Rosedale

That's the two we are you and me.
I can't make you
talk, I'll make you see
Us and them just can't agree.
We can't write the songs we
to make it up to eachother
So we'll just take it out on our brothers.
I'll see
you 'round the world.
See you 'round the world.

Make your mother proud, yeah.

Never a blemish on your face
Skinniest guy I could never replace.
We'll drag another
round, yeah.
And create another problem
And spill it out on our favourite album.

Is it be cool if I grab a little of your time?
I feel my heart over crowded
everything you say and make it mine.
If my head would allow it
Never trust anybody with a
clear face.
Shouldn't have to shout it
Your the enemy I know I'd never replace.

See you 'round the world.
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