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Artist:You Am I
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Track:Hi-way Fi
Date Added:18/10/2007
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You Am I - Hi-Way Fi

Never trust anything that looks like a family

Except for a portable house in style
If you can feel a song and make it seem so wrong?

When you left him standing six miles out of Broken Hill
You never thought that it could
really hide
Ever feel a song somehow it felt all wrong?

Can't see you ever doing
that and feel the same

Never trust mother, father, sister, brother, family
To get
together and cast wine
Every neighbourhood wife knows she's got loaded time

You can
bury your head in a photo full of barren
Never know what's going on outside
But here's a
song that's gonna prove it wrong

Can't see you ever feeling that and feel the same

Have you ever feel the day when you think that it's yesterday?
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