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Artist:You Am I
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Album:Soldiers Single
Track:Boulder Fair
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:tie the sheets to the green washing line
and check if the weather's fine
it's that time of
the calendar year
the cheateau and millenium wine
are the kids washed and t-shirts
like your weekly with men's magazines

by noon it's a sure thing
that tempers will rise
as the first of the kegs are drained dry
contemplating the last of
the roast
"is that your wife that's kissing the under 12's coach?"
the prodigy's job is to
drive the kids home
newspaper hats and a hair-frosted comb

have you
caught up on your neighbours life?
let's drink to the red in the heart of the sky
it's over
it's over
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