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Artist:Yoko Ono
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Track:Winter Song
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I know you now for a thousand years,
Your body still feels nice and warm to me.
The sun is
old, the winters cold,
The lake is shining like a drop of buddhas tears.
The mountains lie
in a distance
Like the future wed never reach
And I kept my warmth with your body

The world must be dead,
We must be the only heads
Ticking on the hillside
like a leftover timebomb.

I know you now for what you are,
And my mind still goes
through ups and downs with yours.
The moon is clear, the room is bare,
The bed is shining
like an old scripture
Thats never been opened before
And I keep my warmth with your mind

The world must be dead,
We must be the only heads
Ticking in a farmhouse
like a forgotten timebomb.

One day we discovered that the clock was not ticking
And our bodies kept spreading rapidly like a very, very fine tissue
Until it
stretched over the whole wide world.
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