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Artist:Yellow Hammers
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Track:Youre a Yellow Hammer
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:When Lynda was fun
she used to buy me beer,
she planned on stayin late,
and knew that
would keep me there
Yeah, about the time I'd be goin down
she'd blast some seventies
and about the time I'd be gettin hungry
she fed me love, just right
but that was
when Lynda was fun
When Lynda was fun
she gave me my first guitar
Then she
dyed my hair blonde
Told me I was bound to be a star
Well then she booked us a
brought all our friends to come hear us play
She promised then and allnighter back at
her bar
to guarantee they'd stay...All night!
But that was when Lynda was fun
My band's
since broke up
My Lynda she's moved away
But if there was a way to turn back time
be here with me
Cuz if I had my way
She'd never slipped away
yeah if I had my
That little girl would've never slipped away
Oh, how I miss Lynda,
when she was fun
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