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Artist:Yellow Hammers
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Album:Suffer Fools Gladly
Track:Pass The Bottle
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Donimo don't you remember?
It wasn't that long ago
We stayed up all night in September

Watching green grass turn to gold
And you're my first impression
of a world
without end
Domino Domino
You've gotta pass that bottle to me

Domino do you recall?
It was more of a descent than a fall
You left us all feeling so
You suffered all of us so gladly
And your interpretation
left a mark deep
inside my head
Domino do you distinguish
broken rules from natural laws?
didn't understand the anguish
when we shared a sip from your last straw
And you're my
last impression
of a world without end
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