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Track:Do It
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I'm walkin' downtown
No lookin' around
'Cause I'm a fool and a half
Blessed and
beaten by love

I walk in the direction
But then I stop the action
'Cause when I
try to do it
My heart is gone, I blew it

Do it...

I'm going on
and on, just on and on
Just walkin', talkin', not a winner at all
I'm boozing, losing,
getting out of control
She dances hip-hop, she's on the top
I'm still a fool and a half,
blessed and beaten by love

Do it...

I'm walkin' back home
lookin' around
Still a fool and a half
Blessed and beaten by love

She walks in
my direction
Why don't she start the action
I got no guts to do it
And then she's
gone, I blew it

Do it...
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