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Taken from the album You And Me Both by Yazoo
Album:You And Me Both
Track:Happy People
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Take no notice 'cos I'm just the same
There's a thousand other faces with the very same
And we look like each other, and we all live together.
We talk about the same
And we never try and change things.

We're the happy, happy

We never give opinions and we never state views
After all, you
can't be sure that what we say is true
And if you want to join us, you can follow on behind
You can talk about your visions
You can make some big decisions.


We believe in having fun and smiling all the time
And sometimes we're on TV
if we're over 69
And when we have a raffle, then it's just a big reshuffle.
It's a
democratic poll
But we're the ones who are in control.

(Chorus repeat
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