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Track:And on
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:your mother was crying
your father passed her a handkerchief
their tear-stained
looked to mine for a sign of grief
a thousand raincoats
always stand around too
but i stayed to talk with you
after they had gone.
the flowers i brought
were beginning to fade under the heavy rain
your name on the card had run
so i tried
in vain to write it again
they didn't understand you - no!
they didn't even try
i'm so
glad that you left us now
before you had the chance to die.
i sat there for a long
expecting to turn and see you there
i ran my fingers through the long
willing it to turn into your hair - and oh
i'm gonna miss you, dear
but i don't
have to cry
i'm so glad that you left us now,
before you had the chance to die
and oh,
i'm going to miss you dear,
but i'm not going to cry
i'm so glad that your life stopped
before it had the chance to die.
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