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Track:You Dont Have To Cry
Date Added:18/10/2007
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We've been closer than lovers, Better
than friends have ever been
And When I
think about it I can't say
when this happened, oh, baby!

Your love and
your kiss is, all i desire
One look into you eyes and I feel the fire
And it warms my
heart and heals my soul
always, always....

And you don't have to worry,
you don't
have to cry
You won't have to look for another
And don't be afraid to put
love on the line
'Cause you'll never find disappointment
this time


I spend my nights in sorrow wondering
when the light will shine through
the clouds

Then your love comes with no
questions and erases all my doubt


Every step, every breath's taking me
higher, the brightest of angels must
conspired to
Cross our paths for a love that lasts
always, always....


And when I look in your eyes,
I see a world where we share our

dreams together

My kiss will be waiting, my heart will
beating for you - forever

So you don't have to worry

Don't cry cry baby, you won't have to look for another

And don't be afraid (don't be afraid) to put love on the line

'Cuz you'll never find disappointment

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