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Track:Love Is On The Way
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Waking up alone
in a room that still reminds me
My heart has got to learn to forget

Starting on my own
With every breath I'm getting stronger
This is not the time for
'Cause I don't need to hang on
to heartbreak
When there's so much of life left
to live

Love is on the way
On wings of angels
I know it's true, I
feel it coming through
Love is on the way
Time is turning the pages
I don't know
But love will find me again

I am not afraid
Of the mystery of
I have found the faith deep within
There's a promise I have made
There's a
dream I'm gonna follw
There's another chance to begin
And it's coming as sure as the
I can feel it right here in my heart


(Oh I know, I know
down deep
down in my heart I know that....)


I don't know
But love will find me again....
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