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Track:New York City Blues
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Keith Relf / Chris Dreja)
If you've ever been to New York City,
You know what I'm talking
Yes you do.
Well, if you've ever been to New York City,
You know what I'm
talking about,
They got such pretty little girls in that big town,
Make a man wanna jump
around and shout.

I met a little girl there,
She was about five foot eight.
said "I want you to love me."
She said "Why man, that'd be great."
I got long
hair but,
She took me back,
Back to see her pad,
But the first thing I saw when I
arrived there,
Was a big black shiny shotgun,
In the hands of her dad.

now, this is how it was,
Oh no!

Well alright!

I finally learned my
Such a long time ago,
Next little woman that I date,
I've got to know, I've
got to know her family too.
Yes indeed, I gotta know her family too.
But if you don't want
to be filled full of shotgun holes,
Mister, this song is just for you
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