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Taken from the album Rag And Bone Buffet by Xtc
Album:Rag And Bone Buffet
Track:Cockpit Dance Mixture
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Man acting like a farmer and he's treating the woman like a poor cow
He got to treat you better
from now
But man is just a baby and he's needing your milk of kindness I vow
To drink as
much as you will allow

All the way through history
Man machine, no mystery
the way through history
Girl have the brain to act just like the weaker sex

Down in
the cockpit
Man need the woman to pull him right out of it
Down in the cockpit
need the woman to pull him right out of it
Queen wants the castle back from the
Queen wants the castle

The girl tribe are growing up and filling
the world full with a new soul
To get so far they paid a high toll
Try not to make the
same mistakes as man has made or you'll fall in that hole
And you will see us changing our

(Oh! Look what is this creature down in that hole?)
(Some say they were called

(And this is Guy, an adult [lone] gorilla, chuckling in the London Zoo
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