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Taken from the album Chips by Xtc
Track:Bike Ride To The Moon
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Push me off to start the fun
On a bike ride to the moon
Lots of room for everyone
a bike ride to the moon

And we'll bring back cheese for my Auntie Jane
And some
magic moon dust that'll stop the rain
On my poor Uncle Alfred's head, even though he stays in
bed (silly Alfred)

Why not bring a pot of tea
On a bike ride to the moon
cake for you and me
On a bike ride to the moon

And we'll pack a tent 'case it's cold
at night
And I'll share your sleeping bag if I might
And might be a positive boon
protect you from the man in the moon (Who happens to be me, look out!)

Racing forward
can't look back
On a bike ride to the moon
What did I omit to pack
On a bike ride to
the moon?

With the stars all glinting in the shiny Chrome
Then I suddenly remembered
what I left at home
Now I shan't be peddling any higher
'Cos a sharp sputnik has given me
a cosmic flat tyre
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