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Taken from the album Skylarking by Xtc
Track:Big Day
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:It's your big day, your big day
So you want to tie the knot
Tie it tight, don't let it
rot, the memory of this day
Are you deafened by the bells
Could be heaven, could be
In a cell for two
Big day come and big day go
Life goes on after the
But will your love have the fire and glow
Like on the big day
Statistics they
don't say a lot
But can you keep what you have got forever together
There's a lesson to be
Many fingers have been burnt with the touch of gold
Love can come and love can
What your chance is I don't know
But if you have love then let it show like on the big
You're a new recruit
The big day
in your wedding suit today
Like on the
big day
yes you're looking fine
The big day
sign on the dotted line
big day
it's your wedding march today
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