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Album:Time Warps And Various Other Spatial Anomalies
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:by Benjamin Ackerman and Costin Tuculescu
Why do you invade my sleep?
My soul lies
here restless.
My heart you keep,
Now I can't forget us.
Now I wake alone
and my heart I need to mend,
cuz you've taken it again!
Night after
night you visit me.
You pleasure me, you torment me.
In all my dreams I dream of you,

it can't be true, so don't wake me!
Love you forever.
Love you forever.

Hate you forever.
Miss you forever.
In all my dreams I give to you,
gold leafed
wings of unknown truths.
Haunting memories of things left unsaid,
untouched feeling
forgotten and dead.
Vivid images smiling red...
Forsaken love that was all in my head
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