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Album:Time Warps And Various Other Spatial Anomalies
Track:Let Me Be
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:by Benjamin Ackerman
I'm better than you, and I know you well
evictedfrom life, sent
straight to hell
they drained your blood and erased your name
removed your soul and
forgot your fame
ask yourself, who you know
measure yourself by your soul
never thought it'd come to this
I never thought see you hear
I never thought I'd be
controlled by someone else's fears
For all I've ever wanted
For all I've ever said

mistaken forever, memories left for dead
Bleed me now and praise me later

positioned in a hierarchy through someone else's labour
psychopathic dreams of truths and
permeate my soul and sting my eyes
All we need is somebody
to remove these
shackles and set us free
All I need is somebody
to soothe my soul and let me be
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