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Track:Hip Hop Barber Shop Request Line
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Word up hey
word up hey
for real doh

hey this is skitle rock
from the hip-hop
barber shop
and once again that was a dedication
sending out to all my partners percalating
in the windy city
what's up on ya mind
who's on the request line
tell me your name and
wear your calling from
yo what's up skitle rock
this is Shaquera
calling from college
And I wanna dedicate
Do you want to by Xscape
to a nigga I was wit last
He know who he is
Oh no, A I hope you was checking in
I hope you know who you
that persons you was wit last night
But that was Shaquera
sending out a

People please pick up the phone call skitle rock's request line
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