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Track:Cant Hang
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Intro by JD:
Let's get down
Let's get down

Verse One (Kandi):
You claim
you've been waiting,
With no game, just anticipating,
How it would be if you and I were in
the sack
But to me you look like you wouldn't know how to act

Bridge (LaTocha):

I need someone to hold me,
All night long.
It must be you my darling,
Am I
It ain't a damn thing baby,
Show me what you can bring,
Cause some try to
swang but they still can't hang.

You and me let's get down,
Even though
you claim that you've been around,
I betcha can't hang,
I betcha can't hang.

Verse Two (Kandi):
You claim you can do this, this and that,
Ain't no shame
in my game,
If it's wack I gotta tell you that.
So you betta be up on your down stroke,

You gotta know how to keep this boat afloat,
Cause in my mind I think your gonna slip

Repeat Break and Chorus

Rap by MC Lyte:
You talk a lot of this and
you talk a lot of that,
Is it all fact brotha man are you phat?
Cause if it's on the real
I come with mad sex appeal,
Flip light delicious, you know the deal.
Hey that's me, I be
the slick,
The one with the physique,
I freak you in the sheets.
I take a nigga deep
down under,
I make him wonder,
How to make the lighting come before the thunder.

That's the pleasure I bring,
I make a nigga get up and sing,
Tinga linga ling ling.

I got the pow, da boogie and the bang bang
You can't hang don't talk da game

Repeat Chorus
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