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Track:Loves A Funny Thing
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Shoop be doop
Shoop be doop doop dah
Shoop be doop
Love's a funny thing

Verse One:
Was only last night I felt you slip away,
I tried so
hard to hide the pain inside of me babe.
I held you close but you weren't with me,
I felt
your mind a thousand miles away.
I was a fool to let you break me down,
think by now that I would know,
Just what to expect from you, oh.
Everytime I fall, I make
myself believe,
That you are changing,
And some day, the sun will shine through.

Love is a funny thing,
Your love is a funny thing,
Love is a funny

(I don't wanna fall, don't wanna fall in love again)

When I first met you your heart was empty,
You were innocent and so
full of joy.
But now you've changed and I don't know you,
You played me baby like a toy.

You see, I was surprised to see you with that girl,
When you said you'd never
ever ever ever see her again, no.
I don't want to control you, so baby if she's gonna hold you,

Then why don't you just stay, stay where you've been.

Repeat Chorus
(I never
never wanna fall again, no no no)

Bridge (Kandi):
Everybody needs someone to hold
them through the night,
And everybody needs someone to tell them it's alright.
I gave you
my heart and you only turned away,
So tell me baby, what's going to make you stay.

Repeat Chorus
(I never ever want to fall in love again)

Shoop be doop

Shoop be doop doop dah
Shoop be doop
Love's a funny thing
(repeat to fade)
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