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Album:Various songs / Unsorted
Track:Softest place on earth
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Like a summer sun that slowly rises
On a new horizon of love

And it's more
exciting than Jamaica
Or the rain that falls in Costa Rica
Like a waterfall to the sea

So, tell me baby

1 - Where you wanna fly
I can take you high

Come ride o'er these midnight skies
You've been lookin' for
Heaven's only door

You got the key baby
Open me

2 - Baby won't you come inside

I'll take you on a fantasy ride
Take a journey through my universe
My love's the
softest place on earth

You don't have to pull the blinds
Let the neighbors
lose their minds
Baby, you can be the first
Inside the softest place on earth

Overflowing with emotion
I will make you feel so sensual
When I touch you, you
will lose all control
Come on, baby
Kiss me all over
From my mountains to my
valley low
There's an ocean of love
Just for you, just for you

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

So no more dreamin'
My body's tingling
I want
it baby
This is your night
I keep caressing
And fantasizing
I want it so
I'll do what you like
We can do it in the movies
Or my jacuzzi
maybe Central Park at night

So if there's any doubt
That's what I'm all about

So tell your friends
I'm turning you out

Repeat 2 until fade
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