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Taken from the album Hummin
Album:Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha
Track:Love On My Mind
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Verse One (LaTocha):
Boy, I can't wait to get you alone,
Inside my house.
baby it's you and only you,
That I keep on thinking about.
I know that you want
How good my love could be.
Tonight you will get the answer,
I'll satisfy your

Take me away in ecstasy,
I want to
know how it feels to be loved.
Boy take your time because I have all night,
I'm gonna show
you how it feels to be loved.

I've got love on my mind,
I knew it's
the way to make things right,
I think it's about that time.
I got love on my
I'm in the mood to be moved,
And do all the things you want me to.

Two (LaTocha):
I've been watching you,
And thinking to myself.
You're looking so
so def to me,
And I'm feeling so sexy.
You know I never felt this way before,
really can't help myself,
'Cause I'm thinking of nothing else.

Repeat Bridge and
Chorus (x2
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