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Taken from the album Traces Of My Lipstick by Xscape
Album:Traces Of My Lipstick
Track:Hold On
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I can make
Any man do whatever it takes
Yet I hesitate
Sit 'em down wine and
dine him ???
There's more to love then you're thinkin' of
If I can wait
why don't you my my my my love

There's more to love then making love

So why don't you just hold on
There's a time for every thing
So why don't you
just hold on
Hold on to love
Hold on to love
Hold on to love
Hold on to

It's not too late
To slow it down, settle down, and appreciate
the love
I'm showing you and giving you in other ways
Soon enough my heart will say I
do to you
To love always
I'll give myself to you that day
Oh my baby, oh yeah

I don't wanna be another one
So you can say that you had your way
I'll show you
I'm worth the wait
Just hold on to everyday
And we will know how far to go in time

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