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Taken from the album Off The Hook by Xscape
Album:Off The Hook
Track:Hard To Say Goodbye
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Verse One (Tamika):
Time has been short since you left me,
So I can't help but
Of how things between us used to be.
You were a piece of my heart,
And I
thought we were swell,
Until you told me you were leaving,
To find a better life for
Oh I...

I wish we were together again,
Loving the
way we used to love,
Boy I miss you much.
I wish we were together again,
Oh how I'm
missing you,
It's so hard for me to say goodbye.

Verse Two (Kandi):
know that I love you,
And for you there ain't nothing in this world,
That I won't
If you would only come back to me,
And let me show you how loving me could

I, I've got feelings,
But you act like you
don't care,
You treat me so unfair.
Love has no meaning,
Since you
walked right out my life.
You've touched a part of me,
Can't you see that I'm in need of

Repeat Chorus to fade
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