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Taken from the album Off The Hook by Xscape
Album:Off The Hook
Track:Feels So Good
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Intro by JD:
Yo, it's Xscape,
For the nine-five,
And you know how they
So lay back, kick it,
and let's get live.

Verse One
Ladies, who often do you have,
A man that makes you wanna cry,
A man
that makes you wanna laugh.
Sisters, well I think I've found the one,
He does everything I
And knows haw to get the job done.
He makes me...

my hands, stomp my feet,
Every little thing that you do to me,
Feels so good, feels so
(Repeat x2)

Verse Two (Kandi):
Ladies, never have I felt this way
He makes me feel so good,
And keeps me warm.
He makes me feel so
So good from my head to my toes.
All the things that this man does,
should know.
And I...

Break (LaTocha):
Don't ever wanna lose this
His love is real,
I'm willing to stay right by his side,
'Cause I know he'll
always be mine.
The way he touch me makes me lose my control,
And when you have a man like
Love dictates your soul.
He makes me...

Repeat Chorus

Outro by JD:
This is for those that like to pop the trunk and let it
bump, b-bump.
(Repeat x4)

Repeat Chorus to fade
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