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Taken from the album Miscellaneous by Xscape
Track:Christmas Without You
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Verse One (Tamika):
The snow is falling like I knew it would,
Carollers are already
Last year is all that I can think about,
Everytime I hear sleigh bells

Bridge (Tamika):
But I know,
That when summer came I pushed you
I should have never let you go, no
Now all I'm really trying to say

I want you to come home,
I know that there won't be a
christmas without you,
I miss you so much.
You're all that I want,
I know that there
won't be a christmas without you,
I miss you, come home.

Verse Two
I remember all the love we made,
I miss your stocking on the
Underneath the mistletoe we stayed,
Twas a very special

Repeat Bridge (Tiny)

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three
There's a fire that's still burning in my heart tonight,
There's no reason
why we both should be alone.
It's the night before Christmas,
And I'm waiting here for you
to come home, come home.

Repeat Chorus to fade
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