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Artist:Xray Spex
Taken from the album Germfree Adolescents by Xray Spex
Album:Germfree Adolescents
Track:Germfree Adolescents
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I know you're antiseptic
Your deodorant smells nice
I'd like to know you
But you're
deep frozen like ice

He's a germ free adolescent
Cleanliness is her
Cleans her teeth ten times a day
Scrub away scrub away scrub away
The s.r.
way ...

You may get to touch her
If your gloves are sterilised
Rinse your mouth
with listerine
Blow desinfectant in her eyes

Her phobia is infection
She needs
one to survive
It's her built-in protection
Without fear she'd give up and die
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