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Track:No Compromise
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Don't tell me that you don't think it won't sell,
That's just a fucking lousy lie.
If they
don't like it, it doesn't do well,
We'll give them something else to buy.

If you wanna
do it go ahead.
Life ain't to long, you can't hang around.
If you conform you might as well
be dead.
Be sure of what you want and what you've found.

When you say there's no other
I just laugh, know it's not true.
It's just them what they say, it's not you.
are you afraid of? Do you know?
Do you begin to realise?
Just let it out, let it
Don't compromise.
Don't compromise.

Don't think what you parents might
If it's too noisy, fast and loud.
Just fuck 'em all, and do it anyway,
Stand up and
be proud.
If you wanna...

When you say...
Don't try to be something you're
We can see through you, who you're ripping off.
Try hard, give it your best
You may go far.
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