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Artist:X Mia
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Track:4ever Tru(Ft.Master P.,C-Murder,Silkk)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Mia X]
1, 2, T-R-U, and Mia X, the biggest mamma.
Click tight, for life, family ties.

That's right. It's bigger than this record shit, nigga.
All for one and one for all,
that's how we ball.

TRU, forever, that's my family
We be's on top the cheddar
Wet you up like the Nile
Enemies bleed in wartime, illicit rhymes
crimes, pucker up, kiss my 9
Mia's kid sister, buckin misters and misses for figures
ya, we set ya up and then we get ya
It's the biggest mamma showin love to my sons and
And we gon blow the roof right off this muthafucka
For the niggaz ridin with this
TRU click, it ain't No Limit
To my loyalty and strong arm authority
Admit it, I'm finna show
day to day soap opera
Downtown hoes unload when the ??? choppers knock ya
Head off in a
split, put ya lips
Around this plastic dick, a Kodak moment
For this click, I don't mind
dyin, takin a stand
In line, while bustin my 9
I'm tryin to show you through my verbal
We ain't bout fakin
We bringin home the cheese, greens, and the
Takin no shorts and nothing that'll do
I'm representin, boo, mamma's 4ever

Chorus (4X) I be's a TRU nigga till I'm dead (we bout it, bout it)
TRU soldiers
ready to die (and rowdy, rowdy)

[Master P]
Put one in the chamber or that plastic
I'm on the grind, that 3rd Ward, Calliope, pushin rocks
Gon off dolja, a No Limit
Got love for killas and dealas and I told ya
But my homegirl is hella
Nigga, Master P, Silkk, Mia X, livin large
Gangbangin on this dope set
Smoke any
nigga, bitch a click, like a cigarette
Now that's one to grow on
If you still
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