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Artist:X Mia
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Track:Mama Drama(Ft.Fiend)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Mia X]
ya'll best to back the fuck on up
it's mama drama my nigga
i'm shiva with two
see I'm hardcore my nigga for sure my nigga
ain't never been scared before my
ghetto from head to toe
when I got some lyrical foe my nigga
the mics the fo fo
when trigga
launchin my verbal scatter
that shit ya'll do ain't worth the
sticking in my bladder
the yappin and the chit chatter
don't even matter cause
nothins fatter
than rapper's faces after I verbally gat ya
beat em like they was
rip em like no good paper
that's why they duckin Mia X
hip hops new heavy
the soldier hater, disentegrator, major paper maker
the gangsta rhymer, big
I'm Mama Drama

[Mia X, Fiend]
uhh, where my real niggas that we
can ride us
how many soldiers down to do what they gotta
like Mama Drama
uhh, where my
real bitches that we can ride us
how many soldiers down to do what they gotta
like Mama

[Mia X]

street date in all 51 states
they can't wait to hear my lyrical
the grim reaper, Mama Mia diva with the nerve ta
sabotage ya'll, dressed in
is my disguise daily
I'm a batterd woman thats surrounded
by them sharp
kitchen knives baby
you gon realize that I ain't to be played with
I get payed with TRU,
and I'm a made bitch
so what cha you wanna do, better call your crew
and tell em to come
but everything this way sho gon get Xed
hexed I'm a voodoo mistress
roots on all
my lyrics, Ri Ri
strong enough to make AMC
don't fuck around, huff puff, then I blow em
then they all fall down now
they done told ya you gon know
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