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Artist:X Mia
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Track:Bring It On(Ft.Fiend,Mac,Skull Dugery,C-Murder,Mys
Date Added:18/10/2007
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What's goin on out there in soldier world? {All my soldiers
This Fiend the excited private nigga act like ya know me
Here to
represent on Mia X Ms. Mama Drama Shit {Mama Drama Nigga}
Here we have Mac, the shell shocker,
skull dugery
C mother fucking Murder, Mystikal
And last but not least Fiend the excited
Here to represent like this ya heard me?
[Chorus X4]
Cock, bust, squeeze,
We No Limit Soldiers nigga you know our name
[Mia X]
What y'all niggas really come
to do
If you with me tell them soldier haters Fuck you {Fuck you}
What y'all bitches really
come to do
If you with me tell them soldiers haters fuck you {fuck you]
True niggas on the
front line ready to squezze
Bitches think before you speak cause you don't want none of
Left, right, left roundhouse
Cause everytime I bring it one sombody gets knocked
About as bout it bout it as it gets
It's that bitch
Mia X lady no limit {yeah that
Mama four-star {yeah that bitch}
You don't wanna go to war {That's that
Drill me
I make ya fell me like ya dick in burning pussy
Lyrical beats or in the
streets nigga I'm no rookie
I'm the drama in your heart when your people get killed
The most
respected gangsta bitch on the real cause I will
[Chorus X2]
Remember me I tote
a shoty
Military gunfare just one day
Paper weight hands and arrest leg
I ain't scared I
done prayed for all the consequences
Brand new glock inventions and killers with bad
Forget to mention don't mind my neck on the line
Give my moms the insurance money
and card for valentines
I ain't died burn no coffin don't pour no cornie o
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