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Artist:X Mia
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Track:Ryde Or Run
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Crooked Eye]
Bullets rain as we killers post it up and took aim
Sellin dope, low and high,
didn't notice he came
We was all strapped slippin, didn't see he was there
By the time I
realized, bullets was hittin the air
Just then my nigga whole neck got hit
Saw he dropped
and I knew we was in some gangsta shit
He was professional, see my nigga kept on his
Word was the killer was paid to put him to rest
Bustin rounds, bustin back, tryin to
empty the clip
Tryin to move fast to save him, I knew he was hit
Everybody at the scene who
swore they was hard
Had a strap deemin to bust, or squeeze out a far

Ten figure niggas whippin gats and bezzles
Bavgate still ridin like a
Bitches wasn't ready when the drama came
Or Bavgate down to die for the Mama
I'm still heavy in the game, I'm the king of the Oak
It's still the same cause the rap
game is like the dope game
I'm smokin a taylor, strapped down with my kaylor
I walked up and
dumped on the haters, you suckas can't fade us
They mad cause we famous, money didn't change
Ghost Town, 7th ward, we armed and dangerous
I'm thugged out with one in the
If you disrespect No Limit I'm a bang ya

[Crooked Eye]
Now tell
Nigga would you ride or run
Would you crack under pressure when that drama
Tell me would you live or die
When them choppers start to split and that
hot shit fly
(Drama) x2

[Mia X]
Motherfuckers aint never gotta ask if I ride or
I'm Mia X, alias biggest mama two guns
I done everything under the sun, been through
I'm TRU to it, fuck who it gotta be
When the drama's goin down and I'm slightly
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