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Artist:X Mia
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Hey, yo Mia!

[Mia X]
What's up

What you think about this
beat right here
You can do something with this

[Mia X]
Shit, man KL you
motherfucker this beat is fire

Now that's what I'm talkin' bout
I need you to
drop some mackin' ass shit off this
You don't have none of that huh

[Mia X]
you know I got some of everything
I'm Unlady Like (Door Knocking) Who that

That's ya beat

[Mia X]
Oh, OK well come here baby, why you
holdin' up, you know I love you
I know you still ain't trippin cause you seen that nigga
I don't care nothing about him
You ain't seen no kissing, you ain't seen no
hugging, none of that
No emotions cause I give all my emotions to you
You want me to make
you feel extra special
Now look at ya I see you trying to fight that smile back off ya
My baby, please don't give it to me, now give me some sugar
Alright now, you know you
my million dollar nigga
So why don't you go on and make it happen for mama

See I flip scripts on niggas blow they mind like the wind
Iceberg Slim pimped hoes, but I
got my money and clothes from him
Gator skin boots and purses for my slick verses
When I
ride it I twerk it, leave they body jerkin' and twitchin'
Then I position my frame of
Spit game, eye contact so it can soften his heart
I lie if I have to even cry if I
have to
But in the end it's the law, they gon' buy what I ask for
No rushin' I make sling it
all then bring it all to me
I used to be a rider, flyer now I'm retired see
I took lessons
from Big Vie and 67
She still got them niggas down to do whatever
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