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Artist:X Mia
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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:This song is dedicated to all the responsible brothers other there
Whos how love and support to
their children
I'd like to say thank you
Cuz I have a very important man in my life
means the world to me
He helped make into the strong woman I am today
I'm talkin about my

Verse One:

I think back to the first time I messed up
You knew that I
need to be
But you couldn't chastise me
Daddy's little girl
Most precious of all
loved me more than anything
Your real life babydoll
Bounced me on your knee
Taught me
how to throw my set up
Said you ain't got no brothers
Fight dirty
Don't take
Saw you bustin your butt to keep the bills paid
Saw you hustlin for extras
more pay you made a way
And tried to keep us happy up in the house
Cuz you wasn't tryin to
Your queen or your princess pout
Doubtin out sometimes
But you tried to hide your
And be a tru playa in this white man's game
Never called my mama out of her
Showed respect
Never put your hands on her
Even when she backed you in a
So Iwant to say you are appreciated
And this love song is dedicated to my

Chorus: repeat 2X

Thank you Daddy
I know that I'm blessed
To have a
father like you
Cuz you've done your best
Under so much stress in the crazy world
knows you tried
Even when they got your hands tied

Verse Two:

Remember when I
came home seventeen and pregnant
And unexpectedly
But your disappointment never did
You looked me in my teary eyes
Then you smiled
Put yoru arms around me
Said my
baby's giving me a grandchild
Showed my boyfriend love too
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