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Artist:Warren G
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Track:Smokin Me Out
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Ron isley-
If you wanna be with me, yeah, let me hear you say warren g, warren g
If you
wanna be with me, well well well, let me hear you say warren g,
Warren g

Smokin me out to the finish, i thought you knew,
I thought they knew, who was up in
Ron isley, i's be warren g,
Baby said would ya please come roll deep,
thai, i said i,
Got the hennessey chaser, skirt you look fly
Peepin them lips, hittin two
finger sips,
On the 710 freeway, i straight dips
Wit a fat one rolled up to puff
ready to hit it and i won't quit it until i get enough
Tokin nothing but the bomb thats without
no doubt,
As she twist up another split she's straight smokin me out

(chorus) ron
She's smokin me out, smokin me out
Smokin me out, smokin me out,
Oh she's smokin
me out with the homey's love

Warren g-
I slinkin while i'm thinkin just how good it
To do it how we do it in the hood i live,
Passin homies on the block, gettin major
And by then y'all the hen dog is taken effect,

Never panic hit atlantic
then i banked to right
Pulled straight nellin b's order steak and rice,
With the gravy, baby
gets the shrimps and fries,
I'm diggin on her figure as i glimpse her thighs,
satisfied, i left the tip and dipped to get back
To twist another zag and to grab a six
She went back, so we proceed to parlay,
Everything is lovely and we doin it

(chorus) x2

This ain't no love ballad,
But see baby i gots to have
When i see that bomb i grab it, cuz its a habit,
So dont come with that toe down
I ain't stressin, long beach baby keep smokin me out, she learned a
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