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Artist:Warren G
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Track:To All D.j.s
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[dj ez dick]
Hey this is radio station shake that ass
And i wanna see that ass
Toppin the charts today we got a world a premiere from dj warren g,

[mr malik]
I never crash and wreck
Yeah best i smash on that
Wit my
apparatus in these sacks
We bring the cash in these checks
Gz its easy can you feel me
thought you needs for she z
They never kill me, but at will see
I grip the illy with the
And mcs could never twist me unless i was in their phillys
Come on really, i turn
silly on billys
To big willys like tommy willis
Understand the last man standin like bruce

Hey dj lets play that song keep me dancin all night
Hey dj lets
play that song keep me dancin all night

[warren g]
Dont let it end till you let it
We want yo hands in the air cuz we back again
With hershey l-o double c doe, funk by
the kilo

And we know, how to keep it on the g low
Incognito, from the beach to puerto
I rolls the dice and my nigga plays c-low
Warren g doe, search the lethal like
And nowadays with ways like car lethal
Funk to kito, my weapons too lethal
checkin on my mic there's no equal to my sequel
Okay party people to the people the people the
people the people and the playaz

Hey dj lets play that song keep me dancin all

Hey dj lets play that song keep me dancin all night

From night to day, day to night it stay on
We holla hey dj now won't you play that
Like teddy oh nah he ain't dead
We gots tah gots tah wake everybody sleepin in
Cuz if you sleep, you slippin, you creep you creppin
As we sweep you get swept if you
ask whats
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