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Track:What We Go Through (Promo Version)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Tha Dogg Pound, Mr. Malik (Hershey Locc), Badass)
(Whats up Warren
Whats happenin? I'm just chillin, you know
Checkin my game you dig, you know
off these fools around the situation, you know its like that

[Mr. Malik]
I went from
hustlin and slangin to bustin and bangin
I got to keep it real, so fuck not cursin when I'm
now let me tell y'all about this shit, went down the other nite
me and the doggs see
some niggaz, just caught up in tha hype
tryin to ride and get by like tha FBI
cause we know
bout them hk's, they right outside
but we never knew y'all had a clue bout what we go
so tell how the fuck could you speak on my crew

I went from dirt
to large work like boatloads of keys
It's hard work and it hurts to live life on ya knees
God please have a lil mercy on my soul
What my eyes see my mind think my hand should
The outcome of these actions warm hearts turn cold
Lil snake tryin to blast me wit the
gun he stole
We hang out, banged out, same route as the day before
Blessed wit perception,
but don't know how my days a go
Could see my nigga hittin wit some pay, a few days

Now we back in the mix with some more clips and paper though
I can't do
nothing but enjoy myself
gotta do it myself, got a gang of wealth
its bloodclottin
muthafuckaz seem like they want it all
but they can't, trying to fake on me and my doggs
I fall I fail, gotta retrace my trail
cross C's to clock G's I bell with bell
I keep the
throw downs for mine
Warren G, Dogg Pound clockin the doves and come
serve your whole fuckin
hood with some bud and rhymes

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