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Track:We Brings Heat
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Twinz, Da Five Footaz)
Playaz, playettes, macks,
trues, wannabes
All you muthafuckaz, we gonna kick it like this,
For the trues

Yeah this crew was tight, went from planning dreams
Now we rockin mics, gettin shit
right, stayin on beat,
And servin this heat, through yo streets, jealous hoes peep,
But me,
I dont sleep
So you know I catch you watchin
While they comin with drama, I'm blockin and
steady knockin
The post is won out the box, it dont stop, hittin our areas and shakin up

[Warren G]
I'm bakin blocks in four wheel motion
Everywhere I look I see 21
ones floatin (21st Street!)
Then I made a stop at the P-A-C's
Wassup y'all? You seen Tripp
L-O double C, now,
I'm headin to the back where the homeys is posted,
Niggaz on gat in case
plat wanna get roasted
But you know how that go, in the city of snakes, fakes, hmm and bitch
I shakes, back to the topic called heat,
My beat, your treat, can't nobody fuck wit
cuz I'm known from Cali to Rome,
We brings heat, so now its on

Bring heat to the table and play your cards right
My crew got heat we got game air

Through thick and thin, see we like kin
And it wont stop no matter
what happens,
Man you not knowin, who's tops they be blowin
I brings heat, independant and I
will release,
the ultraviolet, bangin beats for the pilot,
Got the sky lit now who really
wanna try it,
its warm when we swarm, your area gonna get torn,
and a job that work g funk
in the purest form,
for what its worth, I'm a let you know,
I'm hyperactive for those who
react too slow, all alone-acapo
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