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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Microphone check one two uh
and you don't stop
microphone check one two uh
and ya don't

Microphone check one two one two
Let me clear my throat so I can do what I gotta
It's expresso, mandle that I'm stacked
Niggaz, tryin to corner the market but I'm
Bang to the boogie, and boogie to the bang
It's G-Funk for life sewing up
Little locs, pay attention
Do I or should I have to mention
44 ways where the
grass is greener
from OG to BG is a misdemeanor
St. Mary's Hospital, 10:20 AM
on the
street called Atlantic is where I began
Ola May, uh, thats my lady, she made me
on a street
under the bridge called hill, thats where she raised me

[Chorus 4X]
busters in disguise

I say chitty chitty bang bang
brothers wanna gang bang
tryin to
represent but dont know about the gang thang
21st where it all begun
begun us on the corner
with the homies havin fun
I was a youngsta, peepin from the other corner
seeing sets in the
air with big arms now I wanna
be like them, and act like them
and stack like them and try to
mack like them
shit, its hard being Warren G from the LB
and like the G's before, you know
so I'm a stay down, for the eastside
not like you busters, transformers in


One to twenty-one, and you know I ain't gonna stall
I gotta
give it up with the homie roll call
OG cry baby, and the homie big roc
Mooch on the side
with the stockin can ride
big sugar mama, flee bag and
lady roe guard and marathon they OG
Salt Lake crew got little shorty Charlotte,
but back to Louis with T-Bone is where I
livin in the back in a little pink shack-ac
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