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Track:This Is The Shack
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. The Dove Shack)
[G Child]

Mr. President, hey, this is the G
Spacekateers, I'm back baby yes I'm back
And Mr. President you're not chillin in the
house baby
You're not chillin in the house
Ya know why? huh? huh? Should I tell ya?
know why? Yeah.. cuz ya ya ya ya chillin in the shack beeyatch!

[Chorus x2]
This is the
shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

Its ya muthafuckin third letter of
ya alphabet
put Knight at the individ
its a nigga you can't get with
funky styles, I be
showin niggaz
I be blowin niggaz straight out they socks, because
The Dove Shack is comin
more twisted than dredlocks
now plot on the shack if you wanna
but if you get caught
we will be dippin
down your block
just to street sweep your spot, nigga
you can still follow along, grab ahold of my nut sack
because I've got the doja
oh I haven't
told ya much love to my nigga Warren
He's a G, hook me, now I'm gettin funky
I'm chillin
with my feet up on the table in the shack
with my revolver, problem solver
waitin for a
nigga to fuck with this
so I can let his ass know who he is

[Chorus x2]
This is the
shack, this is how we act
Caps I peel, flex my steel

[2 Scoops]

Its the nigga
2 Scoops, the Long Beach Eastsider
niggaz start to duck when I come cuz I'm a ridah
so I
suggest you get the 411 on the shack
we peelin caps to the front, then we peel em
approachin the wrong way, with no delay I blast your ass
draw for the gat but the Scoop
is much faster
you can't miss me with that, step in my path
I let the AK ripper cut that ass
in half-a
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