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Track:Super Soul Sis
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(feat. Jah Skills)
Well it's the super, the duper, the Landcruisin
?Take action? at times, they hang on my rhyme like Mr. Cooper
I'm takin you to a
zone that's much far from wackness
So please could you tell me oh bud buddy can you hack
Yo, oh no, grab a hold of fadeables, gettin her flows on
like FloJo, rhymes in a
Smooth like chocolate, so call me Big Mamma Kane
Feels like another one goin out
for her reign
Step back, because I happen to be on that plus tax
I got more subscribers than
HBO or Cinemax
Nile at the mile I rip style after style
Crack dope in all the vials, ooh I'm
glad I used Dial
Cause they can't get funky when I'm singin my song
but I just flow on, and
so on, I'm stinky cause I roll on
And then I hear rhyme callin I won't give it a rest
how I got the motherfuckin Super on my chest

[Snoop:] Fly through the sky
gettin love
[?:] the whole wide world will watch me
[repeat 2X]

Mister it's the,
Masta Aces of the spade
Rappin skills are thinner than niggaz on AIDS
Up up and away it's
the Super Soul Sis
I talk so much shit I got, halitosis
I knows this, I flows this, I'm
funky, you stank
You a walkin blood bank I whip y'all with my shank
Danks for the memories,
remember me no remedies
or end in the vicinity or catch a cap like a Kennedy
Cause I'm the
Superwoman rapper I deserve a hail
Chasin MC's, got em on the run like Smurfs from Azrael
bluff, the magic I puff, I'm chokin sho nuff
I'm takin a bite out of rappers if my name was MC
[Warren G:] She's hotter than the South land on fire
All you MC's desire, to run
through my pyre-acap
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